Short thought pieces and stories in response to COVID-19

We are living through extraordinary times that affect most aspects of our lives and the lives of the communities we are working alongside and collaborating with. The future is uncertain and most likely will impact our research endeavours and hopes for global sustainable livelihoods to combat working poverty. These unprecedented circumstances require flexibility and re-thinking of the ways we have been researching and networking with each other. More than thinking though, we need to act.

The Aotearoa/New Zealand GLOW Hub invites you to update and share some of your experiences. Tell us what is now possible (or not possible), how your work / research has been impacted or changed since COVID-19 has invaded our space.  More than that even, we would like to know ‘What is working to help workers,’ especially the working poor and precariously employed even before this crisis began. We are envisaging a critical incidents type of format, with mini-stories about what worked to help e.g., good employer practices, good employee practices, what worked less well, or, perhaps, unexpected challenges or positive surprises.

You can send short contributions, which we will post here, to Amanda (

If you are working with policy-makers and/or conducting any kind of research directly on the pandemic, and would like a larger segment, our Blog Editor, Anna Kallschmidt (, would love to hear from you.