Call to register for upcoming activities from the Scotland Hub

Authored by Rosalind Searle

Below are the activities in the Scotland Hub. Your attendance will be highly appreciated.

Register for our webinar on 18 Nov. Workers from marginalised and vulnerable groups have been struck hardest by the pandemic. Five talks on the latest conceptual, methodological & empirical work will raise practical questions & help inform the new research agenda. 

Register for our webinar on 26 Nov. Considering negative impact of pandemic on youth employment & importance of career guidance, it contributes to evidence-base on COVID-19 sustainable recovery & launches policy briefs based on research findings.

Register for our webinar on 30 Nov. We launch our new short animation that outlines how and why employee silence can arise. Four short science-based talks reveal the science behind it, how it can be detected and the negative impacts ameliorated.

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