New book launch: Public Goods, Sustainable Development and the Contribution of Business

New book “Public Goods, Sustainable Development and the Contribution of Business” launched on Friday 9th April, 2021 by Roland Bardy, Arthur Rubens, Raymond Saner, and Lichia Yiu.

Download the flyer for more information here or check out the book description below:

This book provides an expansive review of the public goods theme and highlights the inherent linkage between sustainable development and corporate responsibility for improving the current and future welfare of communities both at home and abroad. The main proposition here is that sustainable development is focused on preserving and maintaining public goods. Consequently, whoever uses public goods is liable for their preservation, their maintenance, and, where they are underdeveloped, for their expansion. Successful delivery, both now and in the future, depends on a positive relationship of the public sector with the private sector. This book will serve to stimulate discussions of scholars and policy makers in the field of sustainable development with business leaders, and will close the gap between the public and the private sectors by building a common understanding and common methodologies for implementing and measuring sustainable development in the macro- and the micro-spheres.

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