Traidcraft Exchange (TX), PROGRESS and GLOW roundtable kōrero

Authored by Amanda on behalf on GLOW NZ

Moderated by Stu Carr, Traidcraft Exchange (TX), PROGRESS and GLOW met virtually for a roundtable kōrero (discussion) on Monday, November 11, 2020. The speakers were Tom Wills (TX), Divya Jyoti and Ralf Barkemeyer (PROGRESS), and Ines Meyer and Molefe Maleka (GLOW).

Tom discussed business models that puts people and the planet first (also see; Divay and Ralf explained how the private sector can contribute to the SDGs in India; and Ines and Molefe introduced GLOW and their current research on LW in SA. Central to all conversations were people, livelihoods, sustainable business models, the environment and the SDGs. The presenters kindly offered to share their power points, which you can find below:

Traidcraft Exchange (TX)



One key question that emerged from the conversation was “how do we work with producers (for example in India) who feel they cannot afford to pay a living wage”. Collecting evidence to demonstrate that a LW wage also benefits employers has been identified as a vital research area.

While each network (TX, PROGRESS, GLOW) has its own unique focus, there are overarching and unifying themes, and a desire to keep the conversation going was expressed. One suggestion was that a small group (two or three people) from each network gathers ideas / discussion topics from their respective network and share these with the other network. Nothing has been finalised and we are keen to hear suggestions how to maintain regular (virtual?) contact (across different time zones) and share ideas.

Thanks again to the presenters and the audience for a stimulating and engaging conversation!

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